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Arial Training

Hammock Pilates:

Pilates is a well-established form of exercise, which strengthen the body from the abdominal core muscles. The wonderful advantage of Hammock Pilates, is that is adds the element of one’s own body weight for extra resistance. Instead of just doing the regular exercises, the muscles strengthen faster because they are pulling their own body weight with each move. In addition to arousing the muscles and forcing them to strengthen faster, the hammock also serves as a support mechanism during challenging poses. There is no need for previous experience for this class.

Hammock Fitness-

Similar to the popular TRX, Hammock Fitness utilizes one’s body weight for optimal resistance. Instead of exercising with weights, Hammock Fitness harnesses the power of gravity to create a challenging workout.  Almost each exercise is a full body workout, because as you are suspended in the air you must keep your balance by engaging each muscle in the body. Also, the hammock provides a supportive cushion while performing challenging movements. In conclusion, it is a wonderful combination of both being challenged and supported during a tough workout.

Rinat’s Bio-

Four years ago I tried anti-gravity yoga for the first time- it was love at first flight! I was hooked after my first try and haven’t stopped since.

Acrobatics has always been in my blood, I began gymnastics at age 3. I kept at it as long as I could, but since my family moved around a lot for my dad’s job it was hard to stay consistent. We moved to New-York, Cairo, New-Delhi, Amman, Atlanta and Israel.

After completing my military service I moved back to New York to attend college, where I earned my BA in Communications. I began working at NBC in New York, which was a wonderful experience. However, even though I was in my mid 20’s and working full time, I missed gymnastics terribly, so I decided to pick it up again. I was successful at gymnastics as an adult, but it was taking a toll on my body. I soon transitioned to yoga. Practicing Yoga was amazing, but I was missing the acrobatic element I loved so much in gymnastics. My gym had just started offering flight yoga which I tried, and by the end of my first class I was in love.


I began practicing 4-5 times a week, and after a year began teaching. For me, anti-gravity fitness combines all the elements I love in a workout, while still remaining gentle on the body. It has firmed, toned and enhanced my flexibility like nothing else has. At age 30 I had made a life altering choice and left my job at NBC, in order to move back to Israel. Another part of my decision was to teach aerial fitness silks full time, which is my true love and passion.