The studio



Studio offers you a new and distinct outlook regarding yourselves, the world of yoga and life itself.

Taking part in the studio’s activities / courses enables you to develop and expand new capacities, perspectives and insights relating to all spectrums of life through proficiency, sensitivity, creativity and mastery.

All action / practice in the studio is interactive and integral, connecting and interlacing body, conscious, mind and soul. Each and every class is a fascinating journey monitoring the body through all mental spheres, reaching the essence of selfhood.

At the end of every lesson you uphold these supreme skills into one comprehensive perfection. This acquired dexterity enables you to face life challenges effortlessly, gracefully and serenely.

Consistent practice at the studio doing the sadhana results in a dream-like body shape with the ability to transcend into higher frequencies of thoughts and mind to the practitioner this is a transformation.

Exploring and researching various methods, aspects and techniques of yoga in the course of 20 years, I assure you that constant and steadfast yoga praxis leads you to enlightened self awareness, an harmonious existence and apt and applied outcomes both in body and soul.

As quoted from Patangeli, author of the yoga-sutra, chapter 2 verse 36 “being firmly in truthfulness satya the output, the fruit, is in the action itself”.

Yoga is living from within, not letting the external dictate and maneuver the internal living accordingly we become un-conditional, un-circumstantial un-stoppable and independent.

Our team with its unique
and individual approach to yoga creates dynamic interaction
among teachers, practitioners and instructors.